Movie Theaters that carry Bollywood Films

As the Indian population grows in communities around the United States, more and more movie theaters are starting to carry Bollywood movies in theaters, catering to the Bollywood market. There are only a few movie theater chains that are  totally dedicated to Hindu movies in the United States.  Most other cinemas while have certain nights that are exclusively Bollywood-focused, or carry Bollywood films alongside their Hollywood films on a nightly basis.

The two more well-known of the movie theater chains that focus on Indian films include :

  • Fun Asia – Fun Asia has Bollywood movie theaters primarily in Texas United States metropolitan areas, and is considered one of the largest Bollywood movie theater chains in the United States. The theater focuses exclusively on the Indian market.
  • Big Cinemas  – Big Cinemas is Indias largest movie theater chain, and also has theaters in the United States including Kentucky, New Jersey, and California.

Movie goers that frequent these chains find that they can enjoy their favorite Hindi films with all the same luxuries that Hollywood-focused chains have – concessions, special “bargain” days, stadium seating, multiple screens….As with all movie theater chains, individual locations will vary on overall quality of the cineplex iteself, so, just as you would with any Hollywood theater, read the reviews online to get a better idea of which neighborhood location near you is best.  🙂


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