Rajeev Khandelwal: Inspector Arvind Mathur
Inspector Arvind Mathur is a sincere, honest and upright police inspector who specializes in kidnapping cases. Quite often, his sincerity towards his profession and the angst within has got the better of him, both at work and at home. He seeks to do his job as honestly as he can, despite repeated warnings from his boss. Mathur, a seasoned veteran in complicated, high-profile cases, has been previously suspended for his heavy-handed (though successful) dealing with people and systems that his conscience doesn’t agree with.

Kalki Koechlin: Amrita Jayshankar aka Amy

Attractive, aggressive teenage daughter of a rich NRI. Amy has just returned to India with her father and stepmother. Her mother’s death at an early age has left Amy insecure and made her a loner. She prefers to live life in her own world and takes refuge in her music and her mother’s memories.

Shiv Pandit: Dushyant Sahu aka Dash

Retired at 23, Dushyant lives life on his own terms – no family, no relations, no history. This macho guy sells dope for a living and lives on a high of the ‘powder’. A shady past that includes underworld contacts; he has been there and done that. Rarely flustered, his cool attitude and wild tattoos make him the fascination on Amy’s life.

Gulshan Devaiya: Karan Chaudhary aka KC

He has the money, he has the style and he has the women. Life is one big party for this dude. ‘Fun’ is his middle name – booze, sex and drugs rule his life. A quirky sense of humor and a temper which tends to go beyond control. KC is the guy who ensures that the party never ends.

Kirti Kulhari: Tanya Sharma

Tanya – Pretty & petite. Tanya wants to be a supermodel. Or does she? Actually, her sister wants her to a supermodel. Working her way through numerous nameless ads, Tanya wants to break free. Believes in love and is in love with KC. While she is aware of Zubin’s secret crush on her, she wants KC as the man in her life. Her sharp tongue and hard demeanour hides the sweet, innocent girl inside.


‘If you are not living on the edge you are taking up too much space ‘the mantra that defines the youth of today. But what happens when the edge gives away.

Shaitan is the story of 5 youngsters set in the urban cape of Mumbai. Amy, Dash, KC, Zubin and Tanya. Young, intelligent, good looking and ‘uber cool’. With no hang ups and no boundaries, excitement is what they seek till a ‘moment’ changes everything. An accident and their actions to cover up lead them through a series of incidents across the roads, streets and by lanes of Mumbai and into the dark side the lurks within all of us – The Shaitan.

Inspector Mathur entrusted with the unenviable task of chasing the youngsters down exposes the underbelly of the Police system and crime while grappling with his inner Shaitan. The confluence of the two sides brings across the ultimate explosion of action drama and thrill on Indian screens that are best described as real and raw.

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