Set in Mumbai, a city that epitomizes commercialism, Happi is the story of man whose needs are few… a man who is comfortable being a misfit…a man who refuses to be sad. He earns a living by singing and making people laugh at ‘Cafe Bombay’, but his world is turned upside down when the cafe is revamped into ‘Club Mumbai’ – a hip, up market lounge. Happi, however, refuses to be beaten down by the circumstances and his belief in the brighter side of things is re-affirmed when he finds an unlikely companion in a puppy who starts following him and never leaves his side.

5 thoughts on “Happi

  1. hrithik roshan trinyg to use tongue but she don’t like. suddenly she stop her kissing.anyway both are very lucky.this is her first kiss and i like very much coz everione like her lips.

  2. oh Jenny, I get chills reading this! I'm so excited for you and Dan to finally get to meet sweet Garrett! I agree that we all have this picture of how things are going to/should go, but delivering a healthy baby boy is definitely all that matters. I can't wait to hear the whole story! Sending lots of good wishes and hugs your way!

  3. Berti Stravonsky4. december 2009Ja, det var ogsÃ¥ det jeg sÃ¥ nogenlunde har sjusset mig frem til. Jeg forstÃ¥r samtidig pÃ¥ Frank, at de forskellige tegnere ikke er ‘organiserede’ og som sÃ¥dan er hinandens indbyrdes konkurrenter qua deres status som selvstændige erhvervsdrivende…Men Johan > der er flere ting jeg gerne ville spørge dig om. Kan du evt. kontakte mig pÃ¥

  4. C’est la même chose chez nous.On continue de fêter la Citrouille et en grandes pompes attention.Juste par plaisir de faire la fiesta.Activités, dessins, déco, gateaux….et bien entendu déguisements.Ayez peur!Tremblez à présent!Les squelettes malfaisants débarquent à la maison.

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