Lara Dutta

Very popular Bollywood actress Lara Dutta was born in 1978.  The actress is most famous internationally for her acting career – even having been crowned as Miss Universe in 2000.  Her husband is one of the best tennis players in the world – none other than Mahesh Bhupathi! Dutta’s first film was Andaaz which released […]

3D Bollywood Films

The past couple of years has been filled with an influx of 3D films in Hollywood – and the 3D phenomenon has spread over to Bollywood! So what Bollywood Films are in 3D? The movie Ra.One was one of the more popular 3D Bollywood films that prompted many more 3D theaters in India.  Ra.One was […]

Movie Theaters that carry Bollywood Films

As the Indian population grows in communities around the United States, more and more movie theaters are starting to carry Bollywood movies in theaters, catering to the Bollywood market. There are only a few movie theater chains that are  totally dedicated to Hindu movies in the United States.  Most other cinemas while have certain nights […]

Latest Bollywood Trailers

bollywood trailers

Here are some of the latest bollywood trailers for the week! Trailers for Bollywood movies… Chitkabrey Shades of Grey Trailer – This is a new bollywood film about the complexities of the relationships of seven couples and is about the love and hate relationships. Yeh Dooriyan – This bollywood movie trailer is about a divorced […]

4 Hindi Movies you have to buy

Here is a list of the top 5 Hindi movies that should be part of your video film library.  I’ve included a movie trailer of each movie so you can get an idea of what the movie is about.  I’ve also tried to include all different genres! #1  Chandni – Genre:  Romance This movie is […]