Most expensive bollywood movie

Bollywood movies can be extremely expensive and lavish affairs after all is said and done and the actors and actresses are paid, the location for the set is found, and the elaborate costumes are purchases, so it should come as no surprise that there are many movies that make the list of expensive bollywood films. […]

Sexy Bollywood Actor

Who is the hottest sexy bollywood actor? This is up for debate, and while there are a few actors that are clearly in the running, one actor seems to come up over and over again in discussions of who people think are the sexiest bollywood men – that name is Upenn Patel. Upenn Patel is […]


The film is based on the life and times of a superstar heroine from the dream factory we call ‘Bollywood’. The film is an entertaining, daring, emotional, shocking, glamorous, scandalous behind the scenes account of the reality behind the world of …



Rajeev Khandelwal: Inspector Arvind Mathur
Inspector Arvind Mathur is a sincere, honest and upright police inspector who specializes in kidnapping cases. Quite often, his sincerity towards his profession and the angst within has got…